Monday, September 17, 2012

Boston Globe Magazine and Thank Yous

Thank you so much to the Boston Globe Magazine for featuring a recent client project in yesterday's issue...

We hope, if you're a local friend and reader, you were able to check it out in "live" print!  And, if not, we hope you can make out the scanned version above!

We'd like to make a couple of quick points/shout-outs/thank you's pertaining to this publication.  Check out the "before" shot of the dining room below, as compared to the "after" published above.  Regardless of the caliber of the designer, this kind of transformation can not happen without a client who is willing to take risks, and who herself (or himself) has a fine eye for design.  Along these lines, we were lucky to work with a patient client whose impeccable taste helped us help her create the vision she longed for in her home.

Secondly, we'd like to give a major thank you (and bow down to) the fabulously talented interiors photographer Michael J. Lee, who shot the images that appeared in yesterday's piece.  Michael pairs  great vision with superior technical expertise to capture images for the likes of The Boston Globe Magazine, New England Home Magazine, and Design New England.  For a sense of the "behind the scenes" work involved in capturing Michael's "perfect shots", check out his post about a recent challenging shot for New England Home Design Blog here.  You will love this!

Deb and Becky

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  1. Beautiful! Congrats to all involved!

    Allison D.