Monday, October 1, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the .... Window

Everywhere I look lately, I'm seeing.... mirrors hung in front of windows!

They're appearing in very specific circumstances:  bathrooms, above vanities/sinks (where it would be awkward to not have a mirror), and possibly in renovated spaces where the only logical place to move the vanity is under a window.

Rather than eliminating the window for a traditional mirror, hanging a mirror in front of a window preserves natural light, and can look stunning in some cases, and a bit awkward in others.  

What do you think?

via La Dolce Vita

Kelly Wearstler via Design Chic


via Coastal Living

via House of Turquoise

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  1. I love the way this looks and it's the perfect solution for windows in a bathroom...adore the Veranda bathroom!

  2. Love the idea but.........How does it look from the outside?