Monday, October 29, 2012

Pretty in Pink (But Prettier in White)

What is UP with Jessica Biel's pink wedding gown?  Why would such a gorgeous girl, with such a beautiful figure, choose to walk down the aisle in this pink fluff ball piece of hideousness?

I positively detest it.  Sorry, Jessica.  You're young and getting married for the first time -  why not white?

Oftentimes I love when people go bold and daring when it comes to the design of their wardrobe and homes, but I guess I'm a traditionalist when it comes to the tradition of weddings!  

And I mean no disrespect to the color pink, which I happen to enjoy when it's used with restraint.  There have been some great rooms trending on Pinterest and around the web that show us how it's done - I'm loving the palest of pink paired with gold or tan accents as in the rooms below...

What do you think of Mrs. Timberlake's gown?  Is it just me?

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  1. Carnation pink is my personal choice for display, some notepads, and a few bags. Clothes…”positively” no. I have had a few on my wardrobe but they just never seem to fit my style so I just gave them all away. I do, however, use pink in contrast to some colors for designing purposes. I also do not go much for darker pink hues. Anyhow, pink is great-just not for all affairs. Thanks for posting!