Friday, November 2, 2012

Kitchen Update!

We've gotten caught up in the craziness of the last few days with Hurricane Sandy, cancelled school, loss of power, loss of kitchen... and general chaos!  We hope all of our readers in NJ, NY, CT are safe and sound and surviving the aftermath of Sandy without too much trouble!

On my end, a different kind of hurricane (the good kind), has hit my kitchen, and things are moving along smartly.  I'm blessed to be working with a team that not only worked last Saturday and Sunday, but through the hurricane, too - so things are progressing quickly.

My dark wooden cabinets have been painted the perfect ivory, "Mayonnaise" (yep, sounds nasty), by Benjamin Moore.  Not too white, not too grey, not too yellow... just right.

While the weather held out, the cabinets doors could be sprayed efficiently outside...

Inside, I'm loving how comparatively light and airy my kitchen already feels!  As you can see below, the wood has been delivered for our floors, and is taking a couple of days to acclimate before installation.  Psyched!

For the walls, Becky and I (did you really think I was letting my husband near this project?!) chose Cameo White, another great Benjamin Moore ivory/neutral that will hopefully provide just enough contrast to pop the cabinets...

I'm enjoying the break from "cooking", but am also looking forward to having my kitchen and mudroom back very soon!

Have a great weekend,
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  1. Oh, it's so exciting to see someone else painting their cabinets. We just moved into our house a month ago and I am itching to update our kitchen. What do you think about painting hickory cabinets? The grain is similar to oak and I'm wondering if the grain would be too noticeable. Also, would you have a regular painter paint the cabinets or would you use someone who specializes in painting cabinetry? Is WellBuilt doing yours? Thanks for any advice. This makes me hopeful that I can do mine too.

  2. Love this post because I too want to paint my cabinets white. We just moved into our new house and plan to completely re-haul the kitchen but not for a few years (after we complete some other projects first). In the meantime, I'd love to paint my hickory cabinets (the grain is very similar to oak). Are your cabinets cherry? I'm just wondering how much of the grain would show through on mine and if it would look okay. Also, who is painting your cabinets? I'm thinking I could just hire a regular interior/exterior painter to do mine.

    Can't wait to see the results of your re-do!

  3. I'm so happy to see you used BM Mayonnaise! I've always loved that shade of white. You've inspired me to give it a try next painting project:)

  4. do you have photos of after? i would love to see as i am thinking of this color for my kitchen!