Monday, November 5, 2012

The Novogratzs Pull Back

You probably remember the Novogratzs (they with the two sets of twins and three additional kids) from their reality show 9 By Design, and from some of the outrageous projects they've done around New York City.  They're super fun to watch, and I love their work, as 'out there' as it is, sometimes.

But, I really appreciated seeing just how diverse Bob and Cortney Novogratz's talents are, in the latest issue of Rue Magazine.  The pair took on a small prewar railroaded East Village apartment, and showed beautiful restraint in their decoration...

Over the couch, an oversized photograph (a favorite trick of the Novogratzs) sits perfectly inside the molding - something I've never seen before!

The homeowner had an impressive collection of antique and vintage goods, which the Novogratzs helped display to perfection...

I think everyone needs the "A Man Walks into a Bar" sign over their barcart.  And those dining chairs are just plain awesome.

I think the moody blue and green hues work beautifully for this bachelor's apartment, and read neutral enough to let his vintage collections really take center stage.

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