Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Pink Jalk Project

Two years ago, we told you about a fabulous breast cancer fundraiser in which top designers reimagined, and then auctioned, the wishbone chair for Suite New York.  

Last year, the project was repeated - this time using the swan chair.

Vicente Wolf's was my favorite - don't you just love the play on the ribbon association with breast cancer awareness and fundraising?

This year, the artists have taken on the Grete Jalk's GJ Chair (circa 1963)...

It's so fun to see what totally different directions the designers took in their approach....

David Rockwell

Darryl Carter

Harry Allen

Christiane Celle

You can bid on chairs through the end of the month, with proceeds benefitting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  To see the rest of the chairs, click here.

We'll be back tomorrow with more items for the home that raise funds for breast cancer research!

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