Friday, November 9, 2012

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock.....

I thought you might be curious to see what has become of my family room after almost 5 days of banging, sawing, prying and generally lots of fun!   My gut is that we (and by we I really mean the awesome crew at WellBuilt) are totally on track to have everything finished by the time my family arrives for Thanksgiving on the 18th of November...a mere 10 days away!  Yep - that's right, Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away...holy moly.  Sometimes I think I should have my head examined.

What was once an awkward window between the family room and living room is now well on its way to being a full fledged door!  We are bringing the height of it down about 5 inches to a "normal" height of 80" so it doesn't look like Franken-door from the living room.

Sorry the angle is sort of off, but you can see that the closet and stairway has been removed and the new, much needed lighting has been roughed in and ready to light up my life!

Here is a shot back towards what I fondly call the "upper deck". You'll notice that new stairs have been added and that horrendous book shelf is now sitting politely off to the left ready to find another home.

And this is my absolute favorite shot - back towards what is going to be my new office space; complete with brand new HUGE window and future built-in window seat/storage cabinet. Additionally there is a better view of the new steps to the "upper deck", the old door on its way to becoming a wall, and the old window being transformed into a new door.

Have I mentioned that I am one LUCKY gal?!? Yeah, my husband rocks to let me have my way with this room!

Tomorrow brings more electrical work and - get this - they start to hang the blue board and plaster.  Paint and hardwood flooring is coming soon. Holy h*ll I can hardly believe it!!

:) B

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