Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hedgehog Plantings

As I've blogged about before, my quirky daughter loves all things hedgehog (random, cute, scrappy - just like her).  She and her 2nd grade friends even have a little hedgehog club going, complete with ID badges backed with duct tape (the latest rage in little girl crafting).

So when I saw them in online gift guide, I had to snap up these stoneware Anthropologie hedgehog measuring cups... I mean, how cute?  Too cute to actually use (or accurately measure with)...

So I decided to plant succulents in them for the window sill in my revamped kitchen.  A trip to the nursery garnered me these....

... and this....

 ... and a few minutes later, this...

Have a great day!

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  1. Adorable!! What a smart idea to use measuring cups as succulent planters! Also, have you seen Kate Spade's hedgehog collection? Adorable coin purses and cute navy & green printed handbags and accessories.

  2. So cute........what a great is the new bathroom coming along???

  3. Such a cute planter! I bet it makes your daughter smile everytime she sees them :)

  4. So, I was just searching for designers in my area and come across your website/blog. I did this EXACT same thing with these hedgehog measuring cups... I'm guessing that's a sign that I have to hire you to help with my dining room!!