Thursday, January 3, 2013

Catching Up With Million Dollar Decorators in the New Year

Happy New Year!  Hope it's off to a great start!  How did you ring in the New Year?!

I hunkered down on the 1st to catch up on Million Dollar Decorators - mainly to check in on Lindsay Lohan, who was rumored to make her debut in the name of redecorating her rented Beverly Hills pad with Kathryn Ireland...

It's nice to watch Lindsay on New Years Day, because as you make your resolutions for bettering your life in 2013 (or beating yourself up for habits of 2012), you can undoubtedly feel somewhat assured that you're presumably not as continually wasted, broke, jailed, behind in taxes, or generally f-ed up as she is.

Aside from that revelation, there wasn't much to see - but stay tuned for the "reveal" on next week's season finale - minus Lindsay, apparently, who walked out on the whole thing.

More interesting was the Nantucket beach house renovation taken on by Jeffrey Allen Marks.  In a classic moment, the client informs JAM that she'd like the project to be completed using furnishings entirely sourced from catalogs.  He stares blankly, and she encourages, "you know, catalogs... they come in the mail?"  The results aren't half bad!

JAM was too busy catalog shopping to partake in the Greystone Showhouse labored over by other Million Dollar Decorators Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Mary McDonald, and Kathryn Ireland in the previous episode.  Despite finding him kind of hard to watch (dahling!), I loved Bullard's showhouse master bedroom...

Though I can't say his collection for Schumacher really grabbed me when it debuted, the fabrics looked amazing in his room.  I especially loved the paisley on the walls...

Have you been watching?
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  1. Loving this season. Martyn is cracking me up as always! The beach house was AMAZING, but made me wonder (since it all came from West Elm) - was it a set up to do it 'all from catalog'? I think so :)