Friday, March 22, 2013

Glass House, Take Two

While I wouldn't say a 1960s modernist "glass house" exactly fits my design aesthetic, I read with intrigue "Restoration Drama" in the New York Times, featuring this sleek Wilton, CT spread...

all images by Trevor Tondro

Owned by Town and Country editor-in-chief Jay Fielden and his family, this unique, mid-century home was nearly destroyed by a 2010 electrical fire.  Fortunately, while much of the contents were lost, architect Robert Dean and designer Jesse Carrier were able to rebuild, and I think the results are just spectacular...

I love so much of this image - of course the natural light, the dichotomy of the industrial steel beams versus the classic wing-back chair, the casual layering of carpets, and the restrained use of color and pattern...

This sculpture is amazing, as it contrasts with the stark lines of the beams and windows.  I can just picture my girls trying to teach their kittens to jump through it.

How do you possibly warm up a "glass house"?  With plenty of gorgeous Phillip Jeffries grasscloth, from in the office... the master bedroom...

The silhouette of the 1950s bedside lamps is perfection.

This lacquered linen bookshelf was designed by Albert Hadley and purchased from Brooke Astor's estate.  And it's styled to perfection!

WellBuilt, the fantastic company that renovated my kitchen and powder room, constructed this closet, designed by Clos-ette.  After the fire destroyed her wardrobe, friends including Jenna Lyons and David Lauren sent Mrs. Fielden clothes - must be nice!

You can see the house as it existed before the fire, as featured in Elle Decor, here.  It's lovely, but I prefer "Take Two"!

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