Tuesday, April 13, 2010

FLOR Tile Giveaway

Have you seen the innovative rug tiles offered by FLOR?  I first saw them a few years ago in a friend's apartment in New York City.  The tiles worked perfectly in her living room because they could be placed to fit beautifully around the fireplace, built-ins and other edges in the room, without having to be custom cut.  In addition, if one of her twin toddlers had any kind of "accident" on the rug, that individual rug tile could be lifted and washed, or replaced if need be.  (I seriously wished I owned these when my own twin toddlers vomitted vast amounts of Pedialyte on the not-inexpensive Persian rug on loan from my parents in our living room.  [Actually the entire apartment including the living room and the rug were on loan from my parents, but that's another story]  Anway, that stain would NOT budge, ever, and is now hidden under the bed in their bedroom.)

I think the concept behind FLOR rug tiles is brilliant, and the colors, textures, and designs available have really improved in the last couple of years.  Even Martha Stewart has developed a line for FLOR. 

Check out some of my favorite FLOR selections below, and then visit Paloma at La Dolce Vita here to enter to win a 5 x 7 rug tile kit!  Contest expires Sunday, April 18th.


Tufted Frond

Sea Grass Stripe

Souk Chic

Mod Zebra

Twist and Shout

Velvet Twist


La Fonda del Sol

Corrugated Rib

Yeah, Baby

Good Luck!

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