Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lonny: Behind the Scenes

It's pretty obvious that we think the world of Lonny Magazine. We were heartbroken when Domino closed its doors, along with House and Garden, among others.  But we were thrilled to find the latest and greatest in stunning interiors with the advent of the online Lonny.

You might find the format a bit unconventional in that it is only digital.  This format can be advantageous though, with "click to buy" options and a personal digital scrap book to store all those "can't live without" ideas!!  The New York Times recently wrote an article (that ironically I found through its digital edition), on how Lonny came to be, and it is fascinating!  You can read the The New York Times article here: "For Interior Designers, D.I.Y Philosophy Extends to Web Magazine"

Highlights from the article:
"Lonny, created by Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline, is so remarkable because they started a new platform for shelter magazines that are offering the best of print reading but enhanced with the digital world.  Another plus to Lonny is that it has pages to turn, a table of contents and zoomable, clickable images, so readers can inspect a lamp displayed in a photograph of someone's living room and then click to buy it.  What is also remarkable is that Lonny displays people's own decor instead of shipping in items to redecorate homes as many magazines do for photo shoots."

Here is a typical article in Lonny Magazine! Spectacular or what?!?

 What do you think of an online magazine?



  1. I am loving Lonny, Nesting Newbies and Southern Flourish but there's just something about kicking back with a cocktail, turning the actual pages of a magazine in a lounge chair on the deck on a summer evening. After being tethered to a computer all day at work, it is nice to get offline for a bit!
    Ms. Manor

  2. While I still love my glossies, I am really getting into the online magazines now that the quality has risen to the standard Lonny has set. I like all of the clickability. I also like that they don't have to edit as much out, as they don't have the page limits paper glossies do.

    To make my experience more like that of a paper glossy, I kick back on the couch with my 17" laptop and put it on "full screen" so that all of those pesky other programs are out of sight on the screen!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I couldn't agree more! I love being able to kick back, relax and read. And I do love the clickability too. Cheers! Becky