Wednesday, June 23, 2010

National Pink Day: Pink Interior Round-Up!

Apparently today, June 23rd, is National Pink Day.  My Lily Pulizter calendar tells me so, and obviously I trust Lily in all matters pink (and preppy).  In decorating, pink can be soothing, sweet, bold, punchy, preppy, tacky and pepto-bismalish, or just plain heinous. 

Neuroscience has shown the color pink has a calming effect, such that one recent study in England used significant public funds to try to calm violent young criminals by painting their bedrooms pink.  Here in the United States, one Texas sheriff had his jail cells painted pink, made prisoners wear pink underwear and sleep in pink sheets. He claimed the reoffending rate fell by 70 percent.

Check out Living Livelier's round-up of favorite pink interiors below.  We hope they make you less likely to commit your next felony.....

Here is my all time favorite pink room.  Love it so much I can't remember where I first saw it...

Miles Redd's version of the pink living room, emboldened with a red sofa and nailhead zebra doors (!!!).

Jonathan Adler also combines zebra and pink (my husband would DIE) in the foyer below:

Mary McDonald's slightly more classic version of the pink and zebra foyer, tempered by accents of blue:

David Hicks' pink, in varying tones, in the next two images:

Three legendary pink rooms from the pages of Domino magazine (may it rest in peace):

And I love what Martha Stewart has done with the pink trim on this headboard:

How have you used pink lately?


  1. I LOVE pink, Deb! That top photo is a room in one of my client's house. My painting hangs in the doorway to that very room. That is one of my favorite rooms ever. xx

  2. The brown-and-pink toile on the chairs in that first room looks...edible. Yum.