Thursday, September 16, 2010

What I'm Loving: the Fall Serena & Lily Catalog

The Fall Serena & Lily Catalog is stunning.  A sneak peek virtual catalog arrived in my inbox last week and I finally had a chance to go through it.  And how surprised was I to see not just beautiful baby and kids rooms, but phenomenal master bedrooms that are sleek, comfortable and just down right gorgeous.  Makes me want to re-think my "European Country" bedroom plan.  Take a peek....

When I think of Serena & Lily, this comes to mind....a gorgeous nursery.

But just look at some of the beautiful "Master Bedroom" scenes"

Just look at the coordinating accessories...

Serena & Lily are thoughtful enough to also provide low VOC paint in colors that are just dreamy in "wet" samples that you paint on your wall yourself and "dry" samples that you can tape onto your walls (how awesome is that?):

And of course you can get the fabric by the yard for that clever DIY project...

Mark your calendars because on Saturday the Serena & Lily "Bazaar" opens for 6 days only.  Packed with finds from auctions, estate sales and flea markets from around the world, this online Bazaar is sure to feature some unique finds.

Have you seen any great catalogs or lines lately?

Sweet dreams!

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  1. Got the catalog in the mail yesterday, and instantly fell in love with the "Lucky" lacquered table. It's shown in white in the catalog, but they also have it in red and black. Love, love, love. Don't have anywhere to put it, mind you, but I love it.