Monday, November 29, 2010

Create Your Own Centerpiece

With the holidays upon us and the requisite parties, dinners and festive gatherings, why not create a festive centerpiece ripe for the occasion?

Here is an easy DIY project recently featured in Rue Magazine, "Create your Own Centerpieces".  I love their mantra: "Flowers should make life simpler, not more complicated."  Enough said.

You can read the article here, but the jist is to pick three coordinating, yet slightly different vases.  Then select three different types of flowers yet in the same colorway.   Either put a small handful of each flower in each vase OR put a single type of flower in each vase and group the three vases together.  Always remember to give your cut flowers a new "cut" and water daily.

Martha Stewart has her version of "Simple and Striking" centerpieces:

Here they used a galvanized waterproof container and cut the flowers just a little taller than the depth of the container.  Then they put a tape grid to hold the flowers in place.  Genius.

Or if you can't make another stop at the florist grab some fresh fruit at the grocery store and try this fun Citrus Centerpiece in a glass bowl and topped with ribbons:

Or try a combination of both fruit and flowers!

Martha Stewart also has a beautiful autumnal centerpiece - how amazing is this?  And how striking would this be with boxwood, or evergreen branches with holly and a lovely holiday bow?

If all else fails, grab some great candles and cluster in the center of the table... what could be easier?


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