Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DIY - Fresh Paperwhite Blooms for the Holidays!

Yesterday I wrote a post about easy centerpieces for the holidays, and was inspired to create one...for Christmas.  So off to the local nursery I went for Paperwhite bulbs and wonderful birch planters.  Hopefully mother nature will cooperate and I'll have fresh Paperwhite blooms in time for the holidays!

It is really quite easy!  I choose to plant my bulbs in river stones, which require a waterproof container.

Here is my lovely Birch planter with clear waterproof, plastic insert - can't you just picture it with a festive red bow?

The River Stones:

Fill your water-tight planters with the River Stones:

Look at these fabulous bulbs!!

Arrange the bulbs one by one in the stones, being careful to push them in just a bit.  Be sure to leave at least 1/4 of your bulbs visible above the stones.

Water your bulbs - fill your pot with enough water so it just barely touches the bottom of the bulbs.  Do not submerge your bulbs or they will rot.

Place pots in a bright yet cool location and keep the water a consistent level.  Wait and hope for this!

I'll post updates as to how my Paperwhites are doing!

Good Luck!


  1. I read in the NY Times a few years back that adding alcohol to the water of paperwhites keeps the height in check, which prevents tipping. The stems grow only about half as tall but the flowers remain full size. Here are some thorough instructions I found online:

  2. Oh that is a terrific suggestion!! I had read a couple quick notes about alcohol, but nothing this extensive. THANK YOU!!! - B

  3. I planted paperwhites also for the holiday table. They have taken root and appear to be growing nicely. Fingers crossed they will be ready for NYE. Now I am thinking of planting a few more to have for my birthday table....

  4. So pretty! My holiday mantel this year has birch planters too. Love them!!!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your's is looking great!