Monday, November 15, 2010

Fall Bulb Planting...It's Not Too Late!

You may have read my post about "5 Ways to Celebrate Autumn in your Garden" featuring things to do this time of year.  And you may remember that I LOVE spring bulbs!!!  I just so happened to have 180 bulbs (yes, I am slightly crazy...) to plant I thought I'd do a little tutorial on how to plant spring bulbs.

My favorite and what seems to grow the best in my yard, year after year, are daffodils.  I have several different types of single flowering in several shades of yellow and a double flowering in pale yellow.  The double flowering are new and I am looking forward to seeing the results this spring.

Tips for success:
- Buy large fresh bulbs.  Always squeeze the bulbs... if they are mushy or have an odor, just put them back and move onto the next as they are staring to rot. Always look for firm bulbs that are stored in a cool dark place.
- Prep your soil by loosening it up and adding bulb booster.
- Plant your bulbs pointy side UP.
- Plant your bulbs at the right depth. Generally 2.5x the depth of the bulb.
- Plant your bulbs in the right location: sunny and dry.    

Planting bulbs:
Prep your soil and add fertilizer or bulb booster.

Plan out the placement of your bulbs.

Pull the soil back and tuck in your bulb about 6 inches deep, making sure the point is up and the roots are down.

Gently cover the bulbs, but don't compact the soil. The bulbs need soft soil for the roots to grow.

Image courtesy of Complete Gardener's Weblog, which is a BRITISH blog, so please disregard the planting times.

Prepare to be delighted and count the days until spring when you can see the fruits of your labor!

Happy Gardening!


  1. Cindy Russell SchulerNovember 15, 2010 at 2:05 PM

    I just planted some this weekend for the first time ever and I totally did them too shallow and I think I compacted the dirt. Oops. Now I know better for next year!

  2. I just picked up 100 bulbs yesterday! Great time of year to get them at a discount :) Now to find the time to plant them...