Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Currently Loving: Louis Ghost Chair

In decorating, my favorite things to work with are fabric and pattern.  Plus, I'm obsessed with chairs.  In fact, right now my back porch is littered with "reclaimed" (read: hauled away from the dump) chairs waiting for new fabric and upholstery.

So, it's kind of unlike me to be drawn to a chair like this, completely devoid of color, texture, fabric or pattern:

Of course, the Louis Ghost Armchair (Philippe Starck's reinterpretation of the classic Louis XV armchair) has been on my radar for years, but I think I might finally be headed towards a purchase!

Molly Leutekemeyer employs the perfect use below - I wouldn't want to diminish this view either!

You'll also see the Ghost chair pop up in the work of Mary McDonald.  Her two rooms below are so dense, the addition of the airy Ghost chair is the perfect complement.

The Ghost chair works in dining spaces both traditional and modern...

via Decor Pad

House Beautiful


via Decor Pad

And its sleek silhouette works beautifully against the backdrop of a busy work space:

Mary McGee via House Beautiful

Sally Markham in House Beautiful

How about as a vanity stool?

Traditional Home

And as a playful addition to a colorful nursery:

Dan Laura Einzig via Adore Magazine

available through MoMA

My three daughters might prefer I pick up this version...

How would you use the Louis Ghost chair?

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  1. I have 2 Ghost chairs, and they move around the house! They just seem to work everywhere ....