Thursday, July 7, 2011

Decorating with Scarves

I loved yesterday's fabulous watercolor image on the Lonny blog about decorating with scarves.

Vintage Pucci and Hermes scarves truly are works for art, whether they're worn or framed.

This framed Pucci scarf was featured on Good Bones, Great Pieces.  Love the graphics and unexpected mix of colors!

See the look at work in rooms both funky and traditional...


Turquoise Chic

Here are my picks for "most frameable" Pucci scarves currently for sale on ebay...

And these Hermes scarves, also for sale on ebay, would look great as a collection in a country home!

Our buddy Camila over at Effortless Style provides great instructions for how to frame a scarf here.

Send us some pictures if you decide to try it!
Best, Deb

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  1. I like this post! I've really been into framing scarves and fabric, even cutting up a cool flamestich from some vintage shirt...thinking out side the box :)

    Here's my scarf I framed: