Friday, July 8, 2011

Zatista Purchase: Erin Fenstermaker

I've blogged about Zatista, the fabulous still-kind-of-new website for buying orginial art, before (here and here), but had never made a purchase before last week.

Then I received an email from Zatista notifying me that one of their artists' (Erin Fenstermaker) pieces was featured at Architectural Digest.  I took one look at the piece, fell in total love, grabbed my tape measure for a super-fast measurement check, and clicked buy - all within about one minute.  Major impulse buy!

When it comes to art, I tend to have a total visceral reaction -I love it or hate it, and can't necessarily tell you why (or why not!).

My new painting came by FedEx today, and I promptly hung it in its intended spot in my kitchen.  I love it!

Here are some of the artists other works currently listed on Zatista...

Have a wonderful weekend!

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