Friday, September 2, 2011

O'verlays = Slam Dunk!

When I first read about O'verlays on Erin Gates' Blog Element of Style, I thought - this is super cool.  I then saw them over on Emily Clark's Blog and thought I have GOT to share this with you!!! These are a slam dunk!

O'verlays, created by Cheryle Rhuda and Danika Herrick, is a simple way to spice up inexpensive furniture or add a little extra oomph to a plane-jane room. These lightweight foam composite fretwork pieces were originally designed to fit specifically over Ikea furnture (like the super popular Rast chest).  You buy the pieces, trim them down to size with a utility knife, peel off the label, stick them and tack them onto your furniture. You can paint them with a plastic appropriate paint to truly make them your own. O'verlays are only limited to your imagination. They will even size custom pieces for your project.  I. AM. SOLD!

Have a look!

 I would soooo love to try it and report back!!  If you have any experience with O'verlays, let us know - we would love to hear about first hand experience.

Happy DIY!

PS - Just as a reminder: we are not paid to write about new products like O'verlays, we truly think they are great and want to spread the word!!

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