Tuesday, September 6, 2011


On Sunday we took a family trip to SoWa Open Market in the South End of Boston.  This vintage/antique/craft/farmers market runs every Sunday from May 1 to October 30. Located at 460 Harrison (Yep the back of the Mohr and McPherson building) I have to admit based on reputation, (and totally not fact) I really expected it to be much larger. Don't get me wrong we had a great time, but I was just expecting...well, more!  We easily found parking (a deal at $5!!) at the giant lot next to Gaslight (an awesome French brasserie by the way).

Ranging from soaps to art to sail cloth bags and kids capes... really an interesting mix.

More "vintage" than antique, some of the booths were nice and well organized. Others - eh not so much.

Farmers Market
Fresh organic food locally grown. Everything looked delicious and my boys made a serious bee-line for the first apples of the season!

Food Trucks!!!
Definitely the highlight of the trip! From gourmet grilled cheese to sandwiches to frozen yogurt, I would definitely plan on making a pit-stop here again!

I have to admit, I was most impressed by the historic brick shell that was acting as a parking garage. Does anyone know the history of these buildings?  They were amazing!

Happy shopping!


  1. The big brick shell used to be a trolley depot. And a couple of years ago, there used to be an antiques market in there that was part of SoWa. We went earlier in the summer and I was sad it wasn't there anymore. The "antiques" at SoWa seem to have gone the way of the buggywhip, and the few vendors that are there are awfully pricey.

  2. Ahh! Thanks Carole!! Trolley depot makes total sense. And I agree on the "antiques" - it was more flea market than antique market. Oh well, we enjoyed it anyway and will most likely go back :)

  3. Hey, at least Brimfield is this week, and Friday looks to be sunny! :)