Thursday, November 10, 2011

J Crew Wanna Be?

I adore all things J. Crew, and have always wanted to get inside the head of J. Crew's Creative Director and President Jenna Lyons - just to poke around and see what makes her brain tick. How does she stay in front of the trends and make simple, classic pieces look modern, fabulous and sexy?  Genius...

Well if you have a cool $3.75 million you might not be able to get inside her head, but you can at least get inside of her home.  In fact, you can own it, as she has listed her awe inspiring Park Slope pad, and it is truly stunning.  (Fueling the sale?  Ms. Lyons divorce from artist Vincent Mazeau and subsequent, much gossiped about relationship with Courtney Crangi...)

Lyons' townhouse, which you might recognize from publications including Living Etc. and Domino, features a fairly restrained, neutral color scheme (with bright pops of yellow) that lets the architectural detailing and rich wood flooring take center stage...

Remember Lyons' son Becket's nursery from Domino?

Look who got a big boy bed and train table!

Jenna's closet, and its contents, might be worth the $3.75 mil alone!  

And what is that I see, grass in New York City (well, Brooklyn)?  That's worth a bundle for sure, too...

Happy shopping!

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