Monday, November 14, 2011

Trendspotting: Union Jack

It's everywhere.  From the New York International Gift Fair to Homegoods,  I just can't escape the Union Jack lately.  Not that I mind... after all, I was born in London, and gravitate towards all things graphic, bold, and colorful.

Whether its on the bed, the walls or the floor, the Union Jack manages to be the most important thing in the room.

Elle Decor


Kristin Buckingham


via Pinterest

via Decor Pad

And the upholstered Union Jack...

Graham Moss

James Merrill

Sometimes, just a "spot" of the Union Jack is best.  Can you find it?

I particularly love when the Union Jack is toyed with a bit, turning it on its side with unexpected colors like pink and orange.


via Pinterest


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