Thursday, December 1, 2011

Summer in December

Is anyone as confused as I am?  This past weekend we put up the Christmas tree and the outside lights in 60+ degree weather.  Earlier this week, it was closer to 70!  Might I remind you that we live north of Boston?!?  I can't remember another winter quite as wacky - my roses are still blooming and my daffodils have come up.  I'd say perhaps Mother Nature is as confused as I am ;).  It reminds me of the 18 months we spent living in Austin Texas. That year, we bought our Christmas tree wearing shorts and t-shirts.

As a result, I have to admit I am having a hard time getting in the "holiday" spirit.  Perhaps this is more the style I should be going for this year!!!

Okay, it is a little kitchy, but I do love a good shell theme...

Or maybe it will evolve into light airy neutrals, white and silver...

And if all else fails...

How are you getting "in the mood" for Christmas?


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