Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Celebrating July Fourth from Boston Harbor!

It is such an exciting time to be in Boston, as the "Tall Ships" are here to help celebrate the Fourth of July and also to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812!  On Sunday morning, my family took a little boat ride around the Boston Harbor to see the boats that had arrived for the occasion.

 Many of the "Tall Ships" had already arrived and were docked.

(The sails and the flags were phenomenal!!)

 Though there was one under sail:

Truth be told, the boat we were on was a re-purposed ferry boat packed to the brim - so much so that when there was something to "see" the passengers gravitated to that side and the boat "listed" accordingly. 

We not only saw "Tall Ships" but the more popular amongst the boys in my family (including my husband) were the naval ships, as evidenced by the fact that a large portion of my photos look like this:

 Quite an odd juxtaposition...

And it just wouldn't be a tour of the Boston Harbor without a peek at the Boston Design Center!!

Oh yeah and you can't forget "Old Ironsides"!

Happy Fourth of July!!

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  1. Becky, we did the same tour on Saturday evening...we have matching photos! :)