Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weekend Escape: Newport's The Attwater

I was interested to see, when browsing the latest Travel and Leisure magazine, a short piece on a new Newport, RI hotel decorated by Rachel Reider, a Boston designer who's been taking numbers and generally kicking butt around these parts lately.  The Attwater looks like a lot fun - not afraid to be funky and youthful in a city that's historic and arguably formal/old school.  

I couldn't help but notice how many elements of these rooms we've blogged about recently!

I'm pretty sure this couch is flanked by the totally sweet Dunes and Duchess lamps we told you about here.  (Too bad you can't totally appreciate them in this shot!)  And overhead, is that an Ochre fixture (we blogged about our lust for these last year here) I spy?  Or maybe it's the Pottery Barn (not bad) copy.

Lots of fun stuff going on in this guest bedroom!  Including one of our favorite fabrics as window panels (David Hicks' La Fiorentina we told you about herehere, and here).

We tracked the agate lighting trend for you here, and also pointed out the awesomeness of the Worlds Away Greek Key nightstand here.

All rooms come with unlimited use of an Ipad 3!  And the rope lamp, in keeping with the trend we blogged about here, provides a nice nautical touch in this sailing city.

Some other images of The Attwater's guest rooms...

Nice job Rachel Reider!  Great town, great looking hotel - we'd love to check it out!

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