Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What we LOVE!!! PaperEskimo: Chic Party Supplies

I am soooooo tired of looking for awesome party supplies for my kids parties and failing.  I am sorry, but the big box stores and online party sites just aren't cutting it these days with their commercial, overdone styles.  Are you with me on this?  Recently,  I have either actually had to make something or order custom made items from Etsy. But no more!!  Let me introduce you to Paper Eskimo

Seriously, can you stand it?!?!  And I love that they give color palettes and tips to make it a complete hit!  Kids and adults alike will adore this line!

I think my favorite items are the paper baking cups, candles and bunting... just too adorable!!

I can't wait for the next birthday party to roll around!!  Bring it on!!

What's your favorite item or theme??  Do tell!!

Have a delightful day!

By the way dear readers, this post was completely unsolicited :)


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