Monday, September 24, 2012

Emmy Trend Spotting

Did you watch the Emmys last night?  I watched a bit before falling dead asleep, but was awake long enough to trend spot some dazzling gowns in bright yellow hues!  Luckily, none of the stars sporting the trend were wearing the same dress (I was at a wedding this weekend where not two but three people were wearing the same dress, which is never fun, unless you're a bridesmaid...)

Julie Bowen looked amazing (as she always does), in a curve hugging bright yellow/green number. Normally I can't say as I'd go for a color like this, but in a season where neon is so hot, I think it was spot on...

...and it reminded me of this Amanda Nisbet room, which she admitted sounded awful in concept, but  knew would work...

I've always thought Julianne Moore is such a stunning beauty (and design aficionado, as I blogged about here).  It's nice to see her (or anyone) look so beautiful on the red carpet without entering into the competition of who's showing more skin..

In tone and spirit, Moore's gown reminded me of this beautiful living room, which conveys sophistication without taking itself too seriously...

Clare Danes and her tiny her baby bump also chose bright yellow... did the designer of this punchy living room - love!

What do you think of this season's bright trends?
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  1. I think Chartreuse may be 2013 Color of the Year? I love the color of Julie Bowen's dress, and think Julianne (who usually wears green) always rocks the red carpet, and love her dress color AND style!