Friday, July 16, 2010

Fort Knox for your Fruits and Veggies

After literally watching the squirrels climb up my peach tree and one by one remove ALL of the ripening, large green peaches, I knew something had to be done. No kidding - they even dined at our teak table and rudely left peach pits scattered beneath on the brick patio. And after watching my son's crestfallen face upon seeing the formerly green strawberry covered plants raped of all their fruit by what I can only guess are the peach-fattened squirrels, chipmunks and bunnies, I began to hunt for a solution.  Thanks to an article in the New York Times, I found a solution, albeit not an inexpensive one!


Teich Garden Systems  custom designs and installs animal-resistant, sustainable garden systems for gardeners of all ages and abilities.  With very little upkeep and maintenance, you can have a lovely vegetable garden and feast on your bounty all season long. All you need is a sunny spot and this company will do the rest. They even bring in the soil.  No joke.  When they are done it is ready to PLANT!   I don't think my husband will go for this solution after we have spent the better part of 3 summers completely re-landscaping our entire yard, but a girl can dream!!

Do you have a solution for keeping the critters away from your garden bounty?  Do tell!



  1. These are fabulous! And beautiful.
    I was in search of something similar recently and found this. I haven't tried it yet, but it could be a more economical way to try and keep them away...
    It's a motion activated sprinkler that when the critters come close it goes on and sprays the area with water.

  2. Very cool idea! Thanks for sharing - we'll definitely check it out!