Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Up for Grabs!

We have a funky piece of furniture, with a ton of potential, up for grabs to a local (Boston) reader courtesy of our friends at The Wooden Crate!

How cool and unique is this curved settee?  

While it's not entirely circular, it reminds me of the borne settee (which dates to the era of Napoleon III) that I've spotted for use in some gracious foyers...

Windsor Smith

Nancy at Marcus Design shows us some great examples...

Massuco Warner Miller

Tory Burch

There are some nice ones on the market, but they'll cost you duckets (Windsor Smiths' pictured at the top of this post retails for almost $10K)....

...or you could pick up this one, for free, if you're local to Boston and have a mini-van or SUV for transport.  From there, let your imagination take over....

And again, if you're a local reader, you must must MUST check out The Wooden Crate for delivery of local, fresh farm food and provisions.  We are friends, fans, and customers, and mercifully their "recipe club" has consistently helped me fool people into thinking I can cook.

Contact us at or if you're interested in the piece... first come first served!

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