Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

If you are anything like me, I haven't even thought about Thanksgiving other than the fact that we have to get our family room finished and that we have family arriving on Sunday. But as far as food and what the table is going to look

So here are some ideas from Pinterest to get your juices flowing - afterall, Thanksgiving is ONE WEEK AWAY!! Holy cr*p!!!!!

I think these are my favorite - the warm light, burnt orange flowers in a birch vase, accented with whites and greens. Stunning.

Another fresh take on Thanksgiving is to minimize the traditional orange and instead go with whites and greens.

I have a little "thing" for tulips so this one is right up my alley.

Here the fall feeling comes from the distressed wood plank and the chestnuts strewn about.  This could actually be beautiful for Christmas too.

The pheasant feathers get me every time....

And of course, the traditional autumnal wheat:

What's your favorite "look" for thanksgiving?

Gobble. gobble.
:) B

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  1. i'm reupholstering my diningroom chairs with bacon fabric for the holidays!