Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chinoiserie Swoon!

Well, it is official. I have been bitten by the bug. The chinoiserie bug that is. I just can't get enough of these amazing patterns. They are at times playful & light-hearted but always elegant and stylish. Completely versatile - they can be used on furniture, as window treatments and more often than not, they are translated into wallpaper and even serving trays like we showed in the Michael Devine's Garden Folly post.  The Chinoiseri movement is certainly not new... we have posted about it many times before, but never showcased the incredible fabrics that are at the center.  There are chandeliers, lamps and more pagoda lovin' 'stuff' that is just amazing.  Have a look!

A little eye candy from Schumacher:

 And the ever lovely Scalamandre:

And Thibault:

Note: this red one will be in my home some day.... *sigh*

And how about these amazing Pagoda's from Coco Cozy.... I mean seriously, are you kidding me?!?!?  Must. Have. One. NOW!!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!
xoxo - B

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